What is Interventional Neuroradiology (INR)?

Interventional neuroradiology is a sub-specialty of interventional radiology which involves using medical imaging tests in diagnosing and treating diseases of the central nervous system, head, neck and spine.

Interventional neuroradiologists use cutting edge imaging and guidance techniques to guide catheters (very fine plastic tubes) and other tiny instruments around the arteries and veins in the head, neck or spine to treat conditions such as strokes or aneurysms.

Treatment is minimally invasive and avoids the need for traditional surgery. This lowers the risk to patients, shortens the time spent in hospital and reduces recovery time.

Interventional neuroradiology is used to treat:
– Head, neck and spinal tumors through embolization (injecting medical grade ‘glue’, special tiny coils or sand-like particles into the blood vessels of a tumor)
– Intracranial brain aneurysms

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